Stereo version of 6-channel piece originally installed in the House of Falkland as part of the Re-sounding Falkland exhibition. The work combines field and hydrophone recordings of the cascades, combined with sine waves of the cascades’ dominant frequencies and male and female singers vocalizing these same tones.


A short binaural recording of the 8-channel sound work installed in the Tapestry Gallery, Falkland Palace. Arcadia was composed from field recordings made in the area of Falkland and a special recording of Sheena Wellington singing the Ballard John O’ Braidslie.

Bottle Dungeon

a one minute audio work alluding to the unseen subterranean space that exists beneath a trap door in a Falkland Palace storeroom. Palace guide Tom Playfair, reads a report of the last person to be kept in the dungeon. His voice is modified by convolution reverb, produced from measuring the acoustics of the dungeon.

Falkland Audiowalk

Please follow this link to download the mp3 files and map